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Dottie Scagliola - Owner / Operator

Dottie Scagliola, Owner / Operator

 Dottie Scagliola (Andover)

 I am originally from St Louis MO. I came from a large family of 9 children, and left my job at Jack-in-the-Box to make my mark in the world. At the age of 19, I joined the Air Force. While in the service, I met & married my husband, Skip. We’ve been married over thirty years and have raised a grown daughter. Although we have been ‘pet parents’ for this entire time, recently we lost our beloved Snickers, a cocker spaniel. I am a local person, a wife, and mother. In the past, we have house-sat, & pet-sat for family, friends & neighbors. As you can see I am an animal lover!
Recently, I was retired after over thirty one years with the federal government. I held the title of Postmaster of Andover for 17 years.    The inspiration behind my deciding to begin Peace of Mind, Home & Pet-sitting, LLC; came from different points in my life when I was faced with finding care for my own pets. We all have either experienced or heard of the horrible ‘kennel’ stories, or had ill pets that we didn’t want exposed to other animals or illnesses. I’ve always said that given the opportunity, I would do something I enjoyed, and give the service clients deserve for their pets and not having to worry while they are away. Because of my compassion and love for animals I decided to start this business.
Animals, to me, are soothing and they smile by the wag of their tails. That always brings a smile to my face. Why subject them to a "frightening, or unhealthy" environment when they can stay in the coziness of their own home? It's hard enough to leave them, but with peace of mind, your animals will be well-cared for (and maybe a bit spoiled)! You do it, so I will just follow your instructions!!